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Paul Stevers, President and CEO, Think Renewables Group

Paul Stevers, President and CEO

Due to the climate emergency, our team is currently focused on a major new initiative through our non-profit project called Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN), which is co-hosting a conference, “Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security: What Can Be Done?To inform the media about the current warming trend and how our conference can help build support for climate action on a global scale, we will be hosting a media advisory event on May 4th of this year.  For a quick introduction to this warming trend and our conference, see the below 2-min. video: 

In addition to hosting events to promote awareness of the need for large-scale action on climate change, ClimateSAN facilitates investment in solutions that mitigate and adapt to climate change (Climate Solutions).  For example, recently, ClimateSAN launched its Accelerating Climate Solutions (ACS) Program with the support of two major Canadian universities, Ryerson and York to implement it. 

The combination of advancing technologies, communication infrastructure, and the exponential growth of free educational information is creating many new opportunities to improve the lives of people in developing countries.  To help people and other organizations benefit from these opportunities, we have developed a range of low-cost products and services that can be used on their own or be combined with other socially beneficial technologies such as solar-powered micro-grid systems.  For example, we offer three different Knowledge Delivery Systems that can each serve free educational information from their built in eLibraries to a range of end-user devices (e.g. laptops and smart phones) that are connected to them via WiFi or ethernet.  These systems can provide unlimited access to this educational information without using the Internet so no related service charges will apply.

CHI-AFCECO-KidsWhen profits are generated, we donate them to our partner organization CharityHelp International to support its humanitarian activities, including the work of CharityHelp’s partner organization in Afghanistan, the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO).  

We hope you find our products and services to be good examples of how individuals and organizations can benefit from the many opportunities created through a combination of advancing technologies, communication infrastructure and exponential growth of free educational information – and invite you to try them out for yourself.


Paul Stevers, P.Eng.
Founder and President
Think Renewables Group.