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Paul Stevers, President and CEO, Think Renewables Group

Paul Stevers, President and CEO

Think Renewables Group leverages its global network of investors, climate entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and civil-society organizations to facilitate investment in climate action, including renewable energy. Our expertise is in helping stakeholders make connections and increase action on climate change.

Think Renewables Group has worked on projects in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa including initiatives with the Hydrogen Business Council in Canada and Coalition for an International Platform for Climate Finance.

Through our Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) initiative, we offer free resources, spotlight solutions that mitigate and adapt to climate change, and promote collaborations on climate action. 

As a result of rapid advances in technologies in several complementary areas including power generation with carbon capture, direct air capture, energy storage and renewable energy, opportunities have emerged to generate reliable power while creating negative carbon emissions.  We became so encouraged by these combinations that we prepared this article about it, which was published in oilprice.com:  How Oil & Gas Companies Can Profitably Create Carbon-Negative Energy (Jan 05, 2022).  To view a 3.5 min. animated video along with links to more information about these opportunities, see: Business Opportunities Creating Large-Scale Carbon Emissions Mitigation.

To create more awareness about the current warming trend and how our new company Integrated ClimateTech (iClimateTech) can help organizations maximize their climate benefit and profits, we prepared this 3.5-min. video:

In addition to hosting events to promote awareness of the need for large-scale action on climate change, ClimateSAN facilitates investment in solutions that mitigate and adapt to climate change (Climate Solutions).  For example, ClimateSAN recently launched its Accelerating Climate Solutions (ACS) Program with the support of two major Canadian universities, Ryerson and York.