Conferencing eStation with Education eLibrary (CeSEL)
“For a more reliable way to communicate, even when Power and Internet Service are intermittent”


Each Conferencing eStation with Education eLibrary (CeSEL) can:

• Provide backup power for itself & connected modems so it will keep operating for more than 8 hours
• Combine multiple sources of Internet into one
• Provide priority bandwidth to a designated video conferencing computer

 Each CeSEL can be customized to include:

• A local education information server with large eLibrary in several languages
• A distance education server which can automatically download course material at night for use during the daytime
• Software to support video and data conferencing for Local data server for loading educational content on mobile devices

Some example applications: Education Content Server, Telemedicine Support Server & Agricultural Extension Support Server

                  CeSEL Applications:                                           


Distance Education


Remote Technical Support




Brochure Available in PDF Format: TRG-CeSEL-DataSheet2016.pdf