Education eStation (EeS)

“A Low Cost eLibrary Server for Schools and Universities Across Afghanistan – No Internet Required”

The Education eStation is an eLibrary server that can serve educational content to user devices such as tablets, smart phones and desktop computers via WiFi or Ethernet.

This eStation can also enable basic communications if internet service is avaialble such as by as 3G dongle.



           Growing Content of EeS eLibrary Includes:

  • Wikipedia in English, Dari & Pashto
  • Khan Academy Videos in English, Dari & Farsi
  • Software from Afghan Ministry of Education
  • Open Source Office & Drawing Software
  • English Education Software

Example eLibrary home page shown below:

Components Description
L01 PowerPak for Communications System which includes a  large 150 AH Battery and a Inverter-Charger and a Surge Protector
L02 Desk with heavy duty roller wheels
 L03 Low-Power-Use Computer with 22” Monitor & large eLibrary Running MS Windows OS
 Optional Components Description
 L04 Tablet Computer, 7″, Wifi running Android OS
L05 Echo cancelling speaker phone & Camera
L06 3G Wireless Data Dongle
 L07 Solar power package to power satellite receiver  and computers
 L08 Wifi Router
 L09 Watt meter to monitor power used by computer and other devices
 L10 Watt meter to monitor power generated by solar panel