Enhanced Renewable Energy and Education Support (EREES) System

The Enhanced Renewable Energy and Education Support (EREES) System includes an energy generating (usually solar) and billing system, conferencing system, a large offline education eLibrary (eg. RACHEL eLibrary) and SOLARKIOSK system.  To help cover the cost of its ongoing maintenance and an Internet connection, part of the electricity produced by this system and products from the SOLARKIOSK are sold to the local community.  The remaining electricity is provided to a local school, college or university along with access to its communication system and offline education eLibrary.   In this way, this EREES system can provide sustainable power, communications and educational resources to this nearby educational institution.  


       i4SD Brochure             CeSEL by TRG      Example eLibrary    SOLARKIOSK Brochure

Each of the components of the EREES System have been successfully implemented by us or our partners. The first key component is the solar power system to provide power to the training center and some people in the community. The personnel from Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (i4SD) have been installing and improving these power systems in communities for over 4 years. Next, our Conferencing eStation has been in use in Afghanistan for over 4 years and continues to be refined. Next, the initial sections of our education eLibrary (e.g., RACHEL) were created by World Possible over 6 years ago and it continues to expand.   Finally, the SOLARKIOSK system has been in operation for over 4 years and is located in several developing countries including Ethiopia where there are over 30 installations of this system.