Gear4Covid Presentation Script

1. My name is Paul Stevers and I am going to explain Gear4Covid to you and why we think it is an exciting investment opportunity.

2. Covid-19 has caused a huge shortage of personal protective equipment that is endangering health workers worldwide including Canada. Our business will accelerate delivery of this equipment from new and existing suppliers to these workers and the general public.

3. To highlight just how much demand has increased for personal protection equipment or PPE, I will mention this report by UNICEF. They indicated in late March that the demand for PPE products for use in response to COVID-19 has risen as much as 2,000-fold.

As a result of this shortage, there is a flood of new supply coming to market. For example, there are reports of thousands of companies in Canada that have or are in the process of re-tooling to manufacture PPE. Once demand from their local large buyers is satisfied, these PPE producers will need an effective way to sell their products to the larger market.

4. Although there are large eCommerce companies like Amazon selling PPE, no specialized platform appears to be available to connect new and existing PPE producers and buyers on a substantial scale – and do this under the restrictions imposed by social distancing. We expect this situation is similar in most countries in the world. The total global demand for PPE is estimated to be easily over 100 billion dollars.

5. Our solution is to provide a specialized eCommerce platform that includes a distributed management and control system that is designed to work with social distancing rules in place This includes allowing our staff to work from home and enabling our suppliers to receive and fulfil orders online. Once the demand from medical and long term care facilities is satisfied, PPE will then be sold to the public. After domestic national demand is satisfied, we plan to export PPE.

6. Our next steps are as follows: Finish development of our online platform; Train an initial set of suppliers on how to use it; Finalize our business launch plan and secure financing. Then implement operations including a marketing campaign.

7. Shown here is our management team. I have over 30 years’ experience developing technologies and have launched several new ventures. As well, I was part of a management team that raised over 10 million dollars.

Vivek Malhotra has over 10 years experience in eCommerce. Matthew Malinsky has considerable education and experience in finance. Spencer Stevenson has experience at Samsung, 3M and Google Squared in eCommerce. Finally, Quinn Daigle has considerable experience in technology development.

8. We expect our business will grow quickly as it helps accelerate the flow of PPE to the people who need it. We will start in Canada and expand globally.

After the pandemic is over, our brand and product mix will evolve to meet new customer demands. As a result, we expect our business will reward early investors substantially. Thank you for your time!