Director of Education, Economics and Security Strategy:

Leif-Rosenberger-medDr. Leif Rosenberger retired from the US Government after 35 years of service in March of 2016. He was Chief Economist at the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and the US Pacific Command (PACOM) for almost 20 years. Prior to this time, he worked for a decade at the US Army War College, where he was promoted to Full Professor of Economics and held the General Douglas MacArthur Academic Chair of Research at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI).

While on sabbatical from SSI, he was a Visiting Scholar on the Economics Faculty at Harvard University. In addition, he taught at Providence College, Dickinson College and the University of Hawaii Executive MBA Program, where he received the highest student evaluations. While working for the US government, he was twice chosen as U.S. Federal Employee of the Year and twice chosen as PACOM professional officer of the year. As part of his job at CENTCOM, he was designated Chief of the New Silk Road Task Force, which is a 1 star equivalent position. Currently, he is on the Board of Advisors at the Global Economic Institute for Africa.