A Project of Think Renewables Group, Inc.
Solar-Powered Small Business Centres Expanding Education and Jobs

ThinkBiz Africa (ThinkBiz) is building a network of revenue generating Small Business (SBiz) Centres, which support education and job creation in underserved communities.

The core of our revenue-generating infrastructure is our solar-powered Small Business (SBiz) Centres, which electrify rural villages, expand educational opportunities, and deliver a variety of complimentary products and services.  To create these SBiz Centres, we combined our most advanced knowledge delivery system with two proven revenue-generating systems that each have more than three years of operational experience. The first is a solar-powered convenience store by SOLARKIOSK, which has over 100 operational locations in East Africa, and the second is a solar-powered micro-grid built by Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (i4SD), which has multiple installations in Africa and Latin America. 

You can view our ThinkBiz Africa business profile on the following leading online investment platforms: Gust.comEnableImpact, VentureCapital for Africa (VC4A) and AngelInvestmentNetwork.  We have also provided similar information at the following links:

1) “One Pager” Executive Summary created by Link 

2) ThinkBiz Africa Intro Video + Full Pitch Deck Video in 3 formats:

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c) Updated Pitch Slides in Standard PDF format (Pitch Deck Only)

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3) Snap Sheet: Link

4) SBiz Centre homepage c/w links to more detail:

This business opportunity is emerging due to advances in several technologies, “fin-tech” enabled micro-payment services, exponential growth of free educational information, improvements in communication infrastructure, and some new large funding sources designated for Africa to mitigate climate change and support electrification, education, and socially-beneficial businesses. 




Think Education. Think Jobs. Think Sustainable. . . . ThinkBiz Africa!